[English title: “One hundred poor worms are a snake pit” // Acryl on stupidpaper on canvas // date of origin unknown; maybe ~ 2007 // 100 x 80 cm]

Description: We live in times of fear and confusion, media-overflow and super-information-overflow. Too many news, rumors and facts are floating through light-wave cables into the psyche; in realtime. Overstrained inhabitants get influenced by carnival barkers trying to persuade not only simple people to believe in their claimed aims. Times are getting more and more crazy and difficult. There is no left and no right no more. And no middle. A rapidly changing world is more complex, but the majority of the people seek for the simple truths. Populists are waiting on every corner to infiltrate the minds of indecisive human beings. Conspiracy-theories are growing faster than ever. Simple explanations for everything are en vogue. Each worm on the picture is one of them barkers and a hundred of those worms make a snake pit.

[Photo: Daniel Schvarcz www.d-s-photo.com]