14th to 22th of September 2018 // Exhibition at Gallery WELTRAUM in Munich and book-release: »Über das letztendlich unvermeidbare Zerwürfnis rationaler Wesen mit den immer häufiger kursierenden, klammheimlichen, nicht mehr im geringsten Ansatz beurteilbaren, rein gefühlten, nicht erdachten Weltanschauungen« Drawings and Poetry

20th of July to 9th of September 2018 // Groupexhibition “ZEITFORMEN” at Schloßpavillon Ismaning

8th of March to 13th of April 2018 // Groupexhibition “HALF A POUND of ART 2018” at gallery størpunkt in Munich

4th to 13th August 2017 // »Centripetal Time Force – Works by Claudia Macias, Timor Miscevic, Falk v. Schönfels« at Gallery Weltraum, Munich

5th to 9th April 2017 // »FREHOESTORN.« Groupexhibition / Galerie FOE 156, Munich

15th to 19th February 2017 // »ART CAPITAL 2017, Le Salon Société des Artistes Français« at Grand Palais, Paris

20th to 23rd January 2017 // »ARTROOMS 2017«  at Meliá White House, London

13th to 20th May 2016 // First Soloexhibition »Wahnsinn™ und Methode®« at Gallery Weltraum, Munich

July till October 2015 // Retrospektive exhibition (Painting, Photo, Installation) at Bankhaus Herzogpark, Munich

19th to 25th June 2015 // Part of WELTRAUM in der Rathausgalerie München (City Hall Munich) Livepainting on Sunday the 14th of June 2015

16th to 19th October 2014 // Part of »UAMO-FESTIVAL« at »EINSTEIN KULTUR« Installation »Mein Leben in Quittungen 2004 to 2013« [My life in receipts, handrolled & squeezed, objekframes in different sizes]

18th February to 4th June 2014 // Photoexhibition »OBSCURITY NEWFOUND« Foyer Merck Finck Privatbankiers, Munich

17th January 2014 // »cluster | time | index« paintings by Timor Miscevic, Claudia Macías und Falk von Schönfels at Gallery Weltraum, Munich

13th and 14th Juli 2013 // Acrylic paintings at »Dönage | Vernissage für junge urbane Kunst«, Munich

13th to 15th April 2012 // Installation »Toxic Tree« and Videoinstallation at the Exhibition »Lumberjack & Jill«, ZKmax (Maxilimilanunterführung), Munich

October 2012 Release Artistbook // The Fluctibook, 144 Pages with Artworks in the fields of Photography, Illustration & Poetry

New Years Eve 2011/2012 // Photoexhibition at »Flohmarktdisco Superunderground«

28th May 2011 // Photos at the beneficial auction »we-R-japan«, Kirsch & Co, Munich

15th May 2010 // HDR-Photoexhibition und Videoinstallation »Munich:Blank:Moscow« Forum Deutsches Museum Munich at the BASSart Festival