»Putin Putin…«
Posted on May 2nd, 2017 at 5:23 pm by admin

The german-ingushian artist Ira Blazejewska has been meditating about Wladimir Putin for the last seven months. Her colourful outcome is currently shown at the Galerie Christoph Dürr in Munich. Altogether Ira produced about 30 pieces, mostly portraits. It has been written a lot about powerful people in the press and on the net, so it is nice to have a refreshing artistic view on a person like Wladimir Putin. Ira manages that without the normal loud accusations and criticisms. Her analysis is critical in a much more gentle and intellectual way.

The exhibition is running till the 12th of Mai 2017. More information and photos from the opening you can find on the website from Galerie Christoph Dürr [www.galerie-ch-duerr.de].

More about Ira Blazejewska and her work you can find here: www.ira-blazejewska.de

Credits: Ira Blazejewska, Alexander Winterstein, Mr. Lippert, Galerie Christoph Dürr