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Posted on August 22nd, 2007 at 8:21 pm by admin

Yeeaha! There we go! Thnx to the almighty web2.0 I managed to create
a webpage or blog, how ever you wanna call it. On this site I’m going to
report on topics of visual art, musika, experimental literature & poetry
and events referring to all of em. Also, I will present some of me own
work which I have done over the past 10 years. I have been thinking a lot
about putting up a real homepage just for that, but I reckon a kind of blog
where you can find lots of different things is much more fun.

Sorry for me bad English, I’m not a native speaker anyway, but maybe
I’ll improve with time being… Some articles will be written in German.
Don’t take it too serious… If you don’t like it, just leave it!

Thnx for visiting

For ideas and critics contact me at or leave a comment.

The Categories:

4 eye and eye: Artwork & Photography

4 ear and eye: Videowork & Animation

whatever happens: Events, weird things and… what ever happens

fluctibus working: Some of me own work mixed up not in order

fernsehprotokolle: Short excerpts from German Television,
if you are German speaking, you can feel the stupidity…

bacteria spotting: A campaign to improve the public image
of the real leaders of the world – the bacterias…

Comments so far:

Link Here | September 20, 2007,

i like it! = ich mag das!

Comment by Masta Lookhan |

Link Here | September 23, 2007,

Respect Flex for creating first a new personality and then a forum for creativity, be proud of your transformation and not ashamed!

Big Up all the believers of the chaos that lives inside everyone of us

Comment by Philipp alias Meister Melchior |

Link Here | September 24, 2007,

nice work! i like i like…

Comment by c³ b00g

Link Here | October 7, 2007,

hey flex ! nice work.. I’m looking forward to enjoy more stuff you’ll share . Maybe some of your soundz…cya!

Comment by farobot

Link Here | January 15, 2008,

I will return some day!

Comment by louderthanwords |

Link Here | January 18, 2008,

ich find die fernsehprotokolle ja sensationell!
und bin schon gespannt auf eventuelle Unterwassermovies 🙂
Sobald ich Viren gestreut hab schick ich sie Dir!

Comment by Birgit

Link Here | March 8, 2008,

Thanks for stopping by flex, nice blog! Nice stuff- keep the creativity flowing!

Comment by ezra li |

Link Here | July 4, 2008,

keep rumbling, I stay tuned!

Comment by addict

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