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What follows here is a list of interesting links to all sorts of stuff around art, design,
music and anything else that matters. But be aware, there is no order in the chaos!

Adrian Schober: Great artist from Munique | Page currently offline ):
Daniel Schvarcz: Fine photography from Munique >>
Martin Rastinger: Good bavarian mundart music from Munique/Lehel >>
eMergeMc: Whicked sound from Munique >>
Sebstdarstellungssucht: Exzessiv. Intermedial. Zeigefreudig. >>
Flohmarktdisco: Munique DJ-Team >>
Permanent Vacation: Recordlabel from Munique >>
Vanith Communicationsdesign | Graficdesign & artdirection by Singhi Deisenhofer >>
Singhi | Photography by Singhi Deisenhofer >>
Sektion Schwanthalerhöhe >>
type0: A collective of architects from London >>
Nata Lee Hahn: Nice art between Hong Kong and Munique >>
Das Duo Blau: My friends on Song & Piano >>
Klangraum am Lech: My friends musicschool >>
Horse Couch: funny postcards from Munique >>
Cheekychen: Alround Artist from the UK >>
Woostercollective: Great webzine about streetart worldwide >>
IdNPRO: Hong Kong based design magazine >>
FormFiftyFive: Good Inspiration from around the world >>
Loomit: Well known Artist from Munich City >>
LaMolleindustia: Radical games against the dictatorship of entertainment >>
JoeLedBetter: Cool art by JoeLedBetter >>
Banksy: Great stencils from Great Britain and around the world >>
Esra Li: Nice artwork from Esra Li alias dj Darkat >>
Esra Li’s Blog: Inside my mind >>
The Daily Monster: Drawings, stories, things by Stefan G. Bucher >>
Infinte Wheel: Presenting the Dub City Rockers >>
Secret Wars: Marker-doodle-battle once a year >>
Space Invaders: Urban Invasion detected >>
Jan Reiser: Cool illustrations from Munique >>
Stencil Safari: Stencil blog archive basesd in London >>
Tinopeners Music: Musiclabel from Munique (free mp3s) >>
Videogeist: Multi-media artist from Berlin >>
Urban Projection: Technologies of projection and their creativity >>
McBess: The artist-site of Matthieu Bessudo >>
Mulheres Barbadas: Monsters, icky stuff and tender love >>
Jonny Fu: For the love of all humans, animals and plants >>
Jon Burgerman: Cool webpage with a lot of his doodles >>
DKillerpanda: Whicked artwork from Barcelona >>
Giant Robot Magazine: Asianamerican pop culture & beyond >>
Lenz Mayer: Munique-based photographer >>
Jewgenija Lenskaja: Urban fashion from Munique >>
Ron Jonzo: London-based illustrator >>
Stormie: Just have a look yourself >>
Memefest: Festival of radical communication, Ljubljana >>
Andre Penteado: London-based Photographer >>
Chris Harrison: Visualization Projects >>
Inner City Snail: Bombing the microcosmos with urban art >>
Jason Siu: Great figures, artwork and soundspeakers! >>
Gebrüder Luttmann: Best painters for Munich >>
Jeff Millner: Backmasking secret messages of music >>
just.blogsport: Berlin-based urban art blog >>
Urban Gallery: Streetart gems from Düsseldorf and across the globe >>
rebel:art: Connecting art and activism >>
Stephan Fuchs: Investigative journalist from Bern, Switzerland >>
ensuite: Culturemagazine for Bern and Zürich >>
Nachrichten Heute: Switzerland-based investigative newspage >>
Scott Burnham: Scott Burnham, Curator for Droog Design Urban Play >>
Sickerawards: International Sickerawards >>
Ben Frost: Sydney-based artist who makes great Pop Art paintings >>
The Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill, NYC >>
Jim Avignon: Website of the cool painter Jim Avignon >>
Hatchkingdom: the worlds sexiest platform for collectors, friends and maniacs of stickers >>
Art MacGuffin: a collective of art historians, collectors art dealers and art brokers >>
2 Player Productions (better quality trailer and more vidz) >>
DATAPOP 2009 a celebration of the Gameboy music movement >>
Create Democracy: Contest for Designers >>
Photography by Svetlana Krivonozhkina >>
IranGraffiti: Graffitiblog from Iran >>
Zablotska: Fine Illustration from Ukraine >>
UAMO: Urban Art and Media Organisation Inc. >>
Swampthing: An artist from Italy >>
Microwave: International new media arts festival >>
BLU: he really, really, like to play with words and to eat a lot >>
Roman Klonek: Great artist between propaganda, folklore and pop >>
Ahoi Polloi: Cool daily german cartoons >> Streetart from Bremen >>
Blip Festival: From the 8bit people >>
8bitpeoples: For the love of classic videogames and 8bit music >>
Jahtari: Finest 8bit dub >>
ARRRGH!: Surreal transcendent conglomeration of those, who hold no opinion >>
BARTOTAINMENT: Multi-artist from Düsseldorf >>
UrbanArtCore: Lightwriting, Lightgraffiti & Urbane Kunst >>
Santas Ghetto >>
JR: “Pervasive Art” that spreads uninvited on the buildings of the slums of the world >>
GALERIA AUTONOMICA: Urban Art, exhibitions and much more >>
Kunstblog München: Kunst- und Kulturflaneur in München >>
SUPERPAPER: „Join the revolution“ >>
Photography by August Castell-Castell >>
OakOak: French artist who likes to play with urban elements >>
No Layout: Digital library for independent publishers (art and fashion) >>
Theo Watson: Interactive Installations >>
IrishStreetArt: Documents urban art from all over Ireland >>
Jarek Piotrowski: Artist from Munich >>
ARTSPACE & AWARD in Munich >>
Art, Photography and more… >>
Jani Leinonen: Artist from Finland >>
Richard Tator Cult Szosziety >>
Galerie Stephan Stumpf | Munich >>
Bianca Kennedy | Videoart & Stop-Motion >> Youtube-Channel >>
Anka Büchler | Grandmas recycled cups >>
Artworx by Fabian Fontain >>
Paintings by Giuseppe Fiore >>
Artworx of Barbara Rapp >>
Carolin Weinert | Perfomance >>
Photography by Ute Friederike Schernau >>
Anna Schulz-Pitsch | Artworx >>
Paintings by Illias Sagenschneider >>
Photography by Jan van Ijken >>
Paintings of Marcus Günther >>
Heitsch Gallery | Munich >>
3D-grid-sculptures by Moto Waganari >>
Antonio Marra | Multi-dimensional paintings >>
Felix Kraus | Artist & Filmmaker >>
Artokulto | Streetart and urban communication in Munich >>
Elizabeth McGrath | Creatures & Sculptures >>
Dominik Schmitt | Artworx, lyrics, film >>
Filthy Luker | Artworx and streetinterventions >>
Museum of Endangered Sounds made by Brendan Charles Chilcutt >>
A Common Name | Graphic designer and artist from Los Angeles >>
astro3000 | Designer & illustrator from Munich >>
Tim Wolff | Drawings, sculptures, video >>
Super Eliot | Entertaining artist from Munich >>
Performance als Ort des Widerspruchs | Milo Moiré >>
Claudia Macias | Paintings & Drawings >>
Timor Miscevic | Abstract Paintings >>
André Heme | New Zealand artist >>
Brad Downey | Installation Art >>
Daniel Weissbach | Artist from Berlin >>
Frank Balve | Conceptional Art >>
Filippo Minelli | Arts in public space >>
KLONE | Klone yourself >>
Malte Sänger | Photography & more >>
Markus Butkereit | Installation Art >>
Markus Mai | Crystalized Artwork >>
Thekra Jaziri | Installation & murals >>
Volker Ruprich | Abstract photo & painting in collages >>
Benedikt Braun | video . foto . installation . object . performance >>
Caroline von Eichhorn | Journalist, author & mediaartist >>
Oliver Würffell | Directs film >>
Sarah Sze | Installation Art >>
Ai Weiwei | Chinese contemporary artist >>
Robert Crumb | Comicartist & illustrator >>
Irena Lagator Pejović | Artist from Belgrade >>
Shinro Ohtake | Japanese artist creating artbooks >>
BettyMü | Studio for Design and VideoArt >>
Alice Strunkmann Meister | Interactive installations >>
Hiltmeyer.Inc | Studio for audio and video art >>
Carolin Liebl | Interactive installations >>
Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler | Interactive installations >>
Tanja Kischel | Illustration & graphic design >>
Estudio Flotante | Illustrations >>
Lori Nelson | Artist from New York City >>
Stephan Ortmanns | Scenic photography >>
Dawn Hunter | Creates biographical testimonies within her artwork >>
STUDIO MUNIQUE | Wonderful designed items >>
easy!upstream – project space. >>