Galeria Autonomica: a revival
Posted on December 7th, 2013 at 8:39 pm by admin

After some time Galeria Autonomica comes back with a great show at the Citymuseum Munich. The whole thing is curated by Christian Minke and Christoph Pankowski. Sadly the exhibition only lasts for 48 hours. But it was a good comeback with a lot of artists displaying a nailing variety of works. Inter alia: André Hemer [>>], Attila Stark [>>], Balázs Szabó [>>], Bianca Kennedy [>>], Brad Downey [>>], Christian Minke [>>], Daniel Weissbach [>>], Eliot [>>], Ernie & Bert, Felix Kraus [>>], Frank Balve [>>], Filippo Minelli [>>], Josephine Kaiser [>>], Klone [>>], Leonid Hrytsak [>>], Malte Sänger [>>], Markus Butkereit [>>], Markus Mai [>>], Martin Meschede, Paul Hiller [>>], Thekra Jaziri [>>], Veronika Christine Dräxler [>>], Volker Ruprich [>>], Vörös Krisztián [>>], Young-in Son [>>]. Thanx to the Galeria Autonomica for a felicitous event! Here we go with a few impressions:


The first room: Young-in Son [>>] on the left and Markus Butkereit [>>] on the right


Photoworks by Filippo Minelli [>>]



Great works in paper by Felix Kraus [>>]


Looking into the magic box “In Vitro” by Bianca Kennedy [>>]


“In Vitro” inside [Source:]


Screening by Veronika Christine Dräxler [>>] and Leonid Hrytsak [>>]


“Ohne Titel” by Josephine Kaiser [>>]


Crystalized cans by Markus Mai [>>]


A whole wall spraypainted by Klone [>>]


“Contemporary” by Christian Minke


Illustrations by Thekra Jaziri [>>]


Masks by Leonid Hrytsak [>>]


And finally the so called Club Installation with a lot of human specimen

Comments so far:

Link Here | December 8, 2013,

Some cool stuff there. The braintree is best.

Comment by Endie War Hole

Link Here | December 9, 2013,

nice images. looks like a nice party as well. would have loved to be there. sometimes its shit being overseas 🙁

Comment by gr00mlake

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