Du bist Scheiße
Posted on February 15th, 2008 at 5:24 pm by admin


This is my contribution to the actual running image campaign in Germany »Du bist Deutschland« (You are Germany), which is supposed to create »positive thinking« and » a new national consciousness and pride« (!!!). It is supported by large media corporations, other companies and many celebrities. Just too bad that they never looked into the web for the origin of the saying: »You are Germany«. Because it was used in 1935 already and guess by who. Of course: by uncle Adolf the Führer himself >>.

Comments so far:

Link Here | February 16, 2008,

the german story is a sad story about potentialities
and limits of collegiate spirit.

love you all but it still sucks!

Comment by emerge |

Link Here | February 18, 2008,

I puke on the Fürers face!!!

Comment by hihihihihi!!!

Link Here | February 21, 2008,

Pretty cruel, but maybe necessary..
in your face germany! reality calls

Comment by szenetankwart

Link Here | March 6, 2008,

o yea! I really hate that f±+king campaing tooo…

Comment by poorbastard

Link Here | September 5, 2008,

I’m from germany and I also hate this campain..
And I hate hitler and I these nationalists and nazis and I’d like all of them to die…

Comment by zecke

Link Here | January 11, 2010,

Du bist Deutschland is an okay thing to say. Even if Nazis used it, it does not mean we cant use it now in another spirit. I am also using the same toilets that Nazis once used, and just as my language, I need them.

Comment by Julian

Link Here | January 20, 2010,

I was just so pissed that they spend a hell lot of cash on a stupid campagne like that. of course the money was all given as a present by some companies. but anyway: you could do better with that. and than, on top of it, the advertisment-agency was too stupid to do a simple google research on thier main-slogan. oh harrrrr!

Comment by admin |

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