Pixel Rock & Optic Shock
Posted on June 7th, 2013 at 1:20 am by admin

Today was the opening of the exhibition “Individualism – pixel rock & optic shock” at the Ethnological Museum in Munich presenting some nice interactive videoart made by Betty Mü, Alice Strunkmann Meister, Hiltmayer.Inc, Sabine BB König and Raphael Kurig. You can still see the exhibition till next Sunday (Fakebook link >>). Here we go with a few impressions:









>> Raving in the Rain <<
Posted on May 14th, 2013 at 1:08 pm by admin

Rave Autonomica

The Club Autonomica events (Facebook-group >>) have become a quite famous thing these times in the Munich clubbing-scene (@Kong >>). Apart from that they are organizing massive rave-partys, openair-style, with various areas. I haven’t been to a proper rave in years. So I was more than thrilled to get the opportunity to join this one. And truly, especially outside in the garden the sound and the whole flair was damn nice. Pretty young but happy people, big beats, Carlsberg and from time to time some drizzling rain. I didn’t now a single name on the line-up, sorry guys, I am out of it since a long time, but I did enjoy the tunes anyway.

Rave Autonomica

Like all good things the Autonomica-Team started in the underground with their urban-art gallery project “Galeria Autonomica” initiated by Christoph Pankowski and Christian Minke. They have been supporting urban- and installation-artists with making exhibitions in untenanted flats or on public space mixing it up with party and music (OFF/ON FORUM >>). For further events you should join their facebook-group >>. As well you can grap a funky fanzine for 2,50 € (Email to thiszinelovesyou@gmail.com; Kleine Schwester Verlag >>) [Thanx to Veronika, Natalie, Christoph, Goran, Dominik and Joe for having a good time! The next rave must come and we will be there!]

Pickled Good Words in Space
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Today I had the great pleasure to look at the works of Peter Schaffhauser at Weltraum 26 in Munich. Peter is collecting nostalgic stuff and he puts the things together into new context. As viewer you instantly start puzzling about the meaning. And you will find a lot of those meanings yourself. When I entered at first I thought the titels of the artworks are blank, but it turned out that you can open the little cards displayed next to the pieces, to find truly great conclusions about the things put together. Apart from doing those cool things Peter writes columns for the online-paper agitano [>>]. If you want to look at his works, the exhibition is still on for the whole week. Make an appointment at Weltraum26 [>>] to see all of it. You shouldn’t miss it. [Thanx to Rudi for the invitation and thanx to Peter for the nice works to look at and think about; also thanks to Goran, Jochen, Felix & Bianca, Andi & Angie, that we have met there… I really enjoyed that evening!]












Play Time: UAMO Reloaded!
Posted on February 22nd, 2013 at 5:42 pm by admin

UAMO Festival 2013

The UAMO (Urban Art and Media Organisation) festival is back in town. After the world city tours UAMO is now taking place at the EINSTEIN, with installations, photography, paintings, performances, objects and illustrations from more than 5o artists. The fully loaded program [>>] will be going on till sunday the 24th. Check it out and make a visit. We had fun and collected a lot of congenial impression. [Thanx to Suse, Stefan & Adrian for joining]

Vincent and Emily

Love in times of automatisation: the installation “Vincent and Emily” by Carolin Liebl and Nicolas Schmid-Pfähler. [More infos & videos: nachtproduktion.de | carolinliebl.de]

Tanja Kischel – Ancestors Pling Plong

Tanja Kischel shows her interactive portraits “Ancestors Pling Plong”. On each work you can touch or screw or just do something. [Further Infos: jigjag.de]

Estudio Flotante

Illustrations by Estudio Flotante. [pablopino.com | pinoilustro.com]

Gregor Micheler

“Playing Lines & Shapes” by Gregor Micheler. [gregormicheler.de]

Lori Nelson

“For my City” by Lori Nelson. [lorinelson.com]

Taejun Yoon and Hakyung Kim

“Floating memory” by Taejun Yoon and “Moment of chaos” Hakyung Kim.

Stefan Ortmanns

“Grau” Photography by Stefan Ortmanns [stephanortmanns.de].

Dawn Hunter

Vincent and Emily playing in front of the painting “Art Department” by Dawn Hunter. [dawnhunterart.com]

Gohar Petrosyan

In next hall this work of Gohar Petrosyan welcomes the visitors.

Production Error

It seems that this collage was made during a performance at the beginning. Damn I was late. [productionerror.tumblr.com]


“Expendedores De Paz” by L P – U.

howling with the wolves

At the end they made me howling with the wolves. What ever that was about… maybe we will find out on the UAMO Website some day >>.

Real Fiction & More
Posted on February 2nd, 2013 at 4:07 pm by admin

Yesterday I entered the Heitsch Gallery. First I got captured by the poligon-works of Moto Waganari aka Lutz Wagner, or rather Lutz Wagner aka Moto Waganari. However. His 3D-grid-sculptures apear as they are thrown into light-installations, mirroring themselves in clear 2D on the walls. Some of them are hanged up and they move very slowly, taken by soft turbulences within the premises, performing changing formations with their shadows.

"Tape" by Moto Waganari

“Tape” by Moto Waganari

"Skydiver" by Moto Waganari

“Skydiver” by Moto Waganari

Moto Waganari

“Beretta” by Moto Waganari

Moto Waganari

“Fiction” by Moto Waganari

"Baby Prayer" by Moto Waganari

“Baby Prayer” by Moto Waganari

In another room abstract paintings by Antonio Marra and sculptures by Yoshiyuki Miura where waiting to be seen and absorbed.

At Gallery Heitsch

"Fernwehfreude" [Wanderlust pleasure] by Antonio Marra

Three pictures in one. The perspective makes the deal. A multi-dimensional painting: “Fernwehfreude” [Wanderlust pleasure] by Antonio Marra.

"Die Logik des immer Mehr" [The logic of more and more] by Antonio Marra

One more multi-dimensional painting: “Die Logik des immer Mehr” [The logic of more and more] by Antonio Marra. The artist works with holographic furrows reflecting new variations of op-art and orphism.

"No Titel" by Yoshiyuki Miura

Impressions of Yoshiyuki Miuras sculptures, which apparently have no titel.

"No Titel" by Yoshiyuki Miura

All in all a very nice exhibition and it was a pleasure having a walk-through [Thanx to Bianca & Felix for company]. It is still running till the 23th of february 2013 and is definitely worth visiting.

You can find more and deeper information about the artists at Gallery Heitsch [Website >>].

Consume against all reason
Posted on January 18th, 2013 at 5:49 pm by admin

Deepest Winter in Munich can’t stop art! Yesterday I managed slogging myself through the snow to visit the opening of the exhibition “Consume against all reason” (Konsumieren wider aller Vernunft) at Galerie Stephan Stumpf. The show is still running till the 23th of february [flyer pdf >>]. All the artworks examine critical thoughts about consumerism. There are a lot of things to see on three levels. Since I got sucked into the basement first I will start from bottom to top with the impressions:

In the very last room in the cellar is a screening of the truly remarkable stop-motion-short-movie “weirdo’s Brain” by Bianca Kennedy. You should definitely grap a seat and watch protagonist Lenny in his surreal world, freaking out completely after trying to get down with an inflatable doll, falling even deeper in even more surrealistic rooms, finding strange tasks. [Website of Bianca Kennedy >> Youtube-Channel >>]

Grandmas recycled cups by Anka Büchler [Website >>] (Thanx to Illian and Patrizia for modeling on the picture)

“Finger” by Fabian Fontain [Website >>]

“Seibutsuga” (Japanese for still life) by Giuseppe Fiore [Website >>]

“reCODE me VICTIMS” by Barbara Rapp [Website >>]

On my way back up from the basement I got hit by the performance “Berries of Wrath” by Carolin Weinert where she eats and disgorges strawberries into a bowl. The performance is finished when the bowl is empty (!) [Website >>]

Photography by Ute Friederike Schernau. Pretty hard to take proper fotos there, I couldn’t remove all the humans [Website >>]

“Portrait”, sort of a braiding made of packaging film by Anna Schulz-Pitsch [Website >>]

And finally the great Oilpainting “Cempedaks Aufbruch – Stachelquell” by Illian Sagenschneider [Website >>]

There were two more artist but I was unable to take accurate pictures of their work. I am terribly sorry about that! Photography by Jan van Ijken [Website >>] and paintings of Marcus Günther [Website >>] (You can find a nice painting of him on the flyer to the exhibition >>).

The Fluctibook!
Posted on December 17th, 2012 at 8:34 pm by admin

Falk v. Schönfels aka Falk Fluctibus presents his first art-book! With photographs, illustrations, poems and other strange things. The “Fluctibook” consists of 144 wicked pages, measures 8.2 to 8.2 inches, has a pre-eminent hardcover in faked-leather optic with an embossed Bacteria and it is strictly limited to only 500 copies! Order it by e-mail or telephone fvs@fluctibus.com 089/18944471 for the amazing price of 39.80 € (Pay by invoice | secured shipping abroad is charged extra with 10 €).

Falk v. Schönfels alias Falk Fluctibus präsentiert sein erstes Künstlerbuch! Mit Photographien, Illustrationen, Gedichten & anderen seltsamen Dingen. Das „Fluctibook“ besteht aus 144 verrückten Seiten, misst 21 auf 21 Zentimeter, hat ein Hardcover in Kunstlederoptik mit eingeprägter Bazille und ist streng limitiert auf nur 500 Stück! Zu bestellen ist es per E-Mail fvs@fluctibus.com oder telefonisch 089/18944471 für den sensationellen Preis von 39,80 € (auf Rechnung | inkl. MwSt., Verpackung und Versand in Deutschland).

Sex through death
Posted on December 12th, 2012 at 2:57 am by admin

Today I entered the Richard Tator Cult Szosziety at an exhibition in munich and I was astonished by some great artworks and by the performance of the guy Richard Tator himself. I am not sure if he is one person or the four of them. Let’s keep it a secret! But anyway in total it was a nice show! The exhibition is still running till the 18.12.2012 in the subwaystation of university, munich! Make a visit! Its worth it!

Liquid Molly at Stress Ratio
Posted on September 17th, 2012 at 5:28 pm by admin

Flicking through my folders with photos I just found the photos of this funky exhibition from last month called “Stress Ratio – Spannungsverhältnis” which took place at the Provisorium in Munich. I always knew that Veronika Christine Dräxler [>>] is an excellent writer, but now I found out that she is a very talented artist as well. She presented her painting “Liquid Molly”, which I liked a lot, even if she said herself, that she didn’t touch any brush or colour before that since childhood. Apart from that, artworks were shown by Michaela Herzog, Fabian Bross, Florian Aigner, Valentina Eppich and Julian Schulz. All in all nice works. Thanks to the Provisorium for an interesting evening! If you wish to see the picture “Liquid Molly” live and a lot of other cool stuff, you should visit the Galeria Autonomica at this OFF-Location in Berlin: Münzstrasse 20, Berlin-Mitte, by Metro U8 – Weinmeisterstrasse – Exit Münzstrasse; Vernissage on Friday, the 21th of September 2012, from sixish p.m. till open end; Finnissage on Saturday, 22nd of September 2012, from twelve a.m. till open end. It’s definitely worth it!

AABER! That’s an Award!
Posted on May 22nd, 2012 at 6:52 pm by admin

Ok! This was nice for once: Last Thursday and Friday the AABER AWARD 2012 opened temporary doors at an old police-station in Munich, which will be razed down in a while. The second day I went there to be confused by over 65 rooms with artworks, installations and performances. All in all a felicitous event! The first place went, not surprisingly, to Botho Willer and his great sound-sculpture. Pure interactive fun of creating noise with a piece of artwork. Second place went to Camill von Egloffsteins Cockayne (Schlaraffenland), which was assembled by two nice paintings placed in an installation of a cowshed stuffed with empty burger-boxes. Nice! Well done! The third place went to the photo-project HAUT, which I didn’t really see, but no wonder, there was just too much to absorb; and besides I made far too many photos, so I will just present my personal best-off here [Sorry about that: I can’t remember who is who and what is what for some of the things]…

Sorry for all the images I can’t show. Further information you might be able to gather here >>

Erotic Art! What? Hard?
Posted on May 14th, 2012 at 7:32 pm by admin
Pigstuff (Schweinkram) was the motto of an exhibition at Haus der kleinen Künste in Munich last Friday. Paradoxically humans under 16 years of age were banned from it. Curiously enough I really didn’t see any art which was very much disturbing and able to scare the hell out of any frigid viewer. In fact that all was pretty much harmless. But maybe I am just one of the hard-boiled, who are used to the evil side of life too damn well. Ok, there was one penis on a canvas, that really can hit the german soul deep and hard, of course! Well! It’s a matter of taste anyway, we are all different (thanx to that!). Apart from the pictures, they had a program of two young ladies playing the violin rather anarchistic, a strange dance-performance and a reading from a book. Interested people can go to the finissage on the 25th >> But anyway: Here we go with a few impressions…

Art from Marocco in Bavaria
Posted on April 21st, 2012 at 3:31 pm by admin

Yesterday I had the pleasure visiting the exhibition of the Artist Noureddine Chater (born 1975 in Marrakesch). The event took place under the theme “Art in the northafrican spring” in the Hops-Museum in Wolnzach. Besides the nice calligraphic Artworks, there was a great arabic buffet and finally a brilliant bellydance-performance. [Thanx to the Kastners for the invitation]

Urban Bang
Posted on January 13th, 2011 at 5:41 pm by admin

Check out this video I’ve made for the Band Urban Bang [Filmed in Moscow and Volgograd;
Dancepart by Falsch.Mc] you can find more tracks from Urban Bang here >> and here >>

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