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Weltraum 26 is a small, but very nice gallery in the heart of Munique Citeeey. I did have the pleasure visiting a vernissage there last friday. They had an exhibition with the following artists: Stephan Fritsch, Kasarian Dane, Brent Hallard, Leo Hurzlmeier, Mel Prest, Richard Schur, Nancy White and John Zurier. Nice one!
Check it till the 9th of Dezember: Weltraum 26





Thinking about life…
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it’s all about the chaos as a result of the influence of a certain kind of thinking…
if you think about life and death, it’s all gettig pretty fucking strange. Isn’t it?
(that’s at least what I thought when I made this animation in 2001…)

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Once I visited a do-it-yourself-store, surprisingly they had fish on offer.
Not as a meal, but real living. So I filmed them with a mobile-cam and
experimented with filters in finalcut. The sound was made with reason

Big Brother State
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This is a critical video-animation made by the all-rounder David Scharf
(idea, script, animation, sound, music) from the faculty of design, Augsburg.
The message is: »We believe that people willing to trade freedom for temporary
security deserve neither and will lose both.« It won the first-price at the
Emergeandsee Contest 2007. The voice-over (by Stephen Taylor) is very nice too,
it reminds me of the speaker from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy a bit.

Click here for better resolution videos
Check the Emergeandsee Contest

The Elastics – Geppebba
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This is a video by the Elastics from Munique produced for
geppebba baggy unlimited by the Bavarian Artists Network.
It’s directed by Lukasz Fabijaczyk and the lyrics are written and
performed by (Q) Kelly Bowden. I bet it was a lot of work. Respect!

Check the Elastics on myspace
Check the site of Lukasz Fabijaczyk

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Check out the video we made for a web-contest for mobilephonevideos.
We missed first place, but we had a lot of fun though!
Thnx to Nico Kressin for supervising, filming and cut.

EmergeMc is a freelance MC, Producer and DJ from Munich.
Crews: EatMoreMeat, FuturePop, Flomarktdisco, Fluctibus Corporation

Check his site on myspace
Check out FuturePop (free mp3s)

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