Gallery Weltraum 2018 // 360°

Thanx so much to Daniel Schvarcz for the 3D-walkthrough! >> www.d-s-photo.com

Gallery Weltraum – Joint Venture

14th to 22th of September 2018 // Just in time! The new series with 72 drawings and one acrylic painting was complete and also my book with poetry and illustration was on the way. So we grabbed the friendly invitation from Rudolf Maximilian Becker to throw an exhibition at the marvellous gallery Weltraum again. Anna von Bergmann showed her wonderful jewelry (with a special fluctibus edition) and her daughter had an extra exhibition with her talented photos. Apart from that on the opening and on the finissage we had the opportunity to experience two extraordinary performances by two inimitable personalities. Andreas Ohrenschall delighted us with „Ohrenschalls Mythophagen – Peformance Nr 5“ and Nikolai Vogel exhilarated us with „Die Abhängung der Kunst / Taking down the art“. Thanks so much to all involved parties, everyone who helped and everyone who came along and especially to Daniel Schvarcz for the photos and Rudolf Maximilian Becker for having us!

Anna von Bergmann | Schmuck & Accessoires | www.annavonbergmann.de
Andreaes Ohrenschall | Mythophagen | www.annavonbergmann.de
Nikolai Vogel | Performance, writing & more | www.nikolaivogel.com
Galerie Weltraum Munich | www.weltraum26.de/

New Book with Poetry and Drawings

13th of September 2018 // #fluctibus // And finally it was done: A new book with 1 preamble, 83 german poems, 86 drawings and 3 shortstories is now published! It comes by the eerie title »Über das letztendlich unvermeidbare Zerwürfnis rationaler Wesen mit den immer häufiger kursierenden, klammheimlichen, nicht mehr im geringsten Ansatz beurteilbaren, rein gefühlten, nicht erdachten Weltanschauungen« [»About the ultimately unavoidable discord of rational beings with the more and more frequently circulating, clandestine, purely in the least approach assessable, purely felt, not conceived world-views« google.translate]. On 150 pages you can navigate through illustrations from the exhibition »Wahnsinn™ und Methode®« [Madness™ & Method™] and German poetry I mostly wrote on the smartphone while traveling.

150 Pages // ISBN: 978-3-945296-66-0 // Kastner Verlag 2018 // Size 10 x 15 x 1 cm // 141 g

You can purchase the book directly at Kastner or you may grap a copy on amazon. Hope you will enjoy the weird thing!

>> kastner.de // >> amazon // fluctibus.com


20th of July to 9th of September 2018 // Many thanks to curator Rudolf Maximilian Becker for inviting me to the Groupexhibition “ZEITFORMEN” at the beautiful little Schloßpavillon in Ismaning. Special thanks to Gisela Hesse for making this very well looking exhibition possible in her premisses. Thanks to all the other artist for having a good time. In the right wing of the Pavillon there was the photography “Light divided by waters” [Real photoprint on forexboard, 2 mm acryl glass with shadow gap frame, (Black Oak); 184,4 x 124,4 cm] from my “Obscurity newfound”-series perfectly matching with the reflecting chandeliers.

>> Review Süddeutsche Zeitung by Udo Watter, 25. Juli 2018
>> Gallery Weltraum
>> Galerie im Schlosspavillon

Centripetal Time Force

4th to 13th August 2017 // Gallery WELTRAUM in Munich gave us (Claudia Macias, Timor Miscevic and myself) the chance to throw this nice summer-exhibition. Thanks a lot to Rudolf Maximilian Becker for having us. Under the theme „Centripetal Time Force“ we combined Claudia’s oilpaintings, Timor’s acrylic paintings and metal objects and some of my current works. I was represented with 23 artworks (Drawings, paintings and one of my receipt-installations “My life in receipts #3”). Thanks to all the fellows who came along and special thanks to Claudi and Timor for rocking this thing toghether! (www.claudiamacias.de | www.timor78.com)


Gallery FOE in Munich invited me to take part in the group exhibition „FREHOESTORN“; 5th of April 2017. Thanx a lot to the curators Tina Hudelmaier und Max Weisthoff!

German title of my work: „Der nicht immer beneidenswerte Einfluss der zusammenstrebenden Ereignisse, die sich so und nicht anders zugetragen haben könnten, und die einmalige Betrachtung dieser in Anbetracht der Umstände der fortgeschrittenen Entwicklung ihres allgemeinen Hervortreten aus einer breiten Masse an rezipierten Vorurteilen.“ [Worms, acryl and collagen on canvas, 70 x 70 cm]

>> atelierhaus-foe.de

Le Salon 2017 at ART CAPITAL

Le Salon de la Société des Artistes Français // From the 15th to the 19th of February I showed my work “Hundert arme Würmer sind eine Schlangengrube” (English title: One hundred poor worms are a snake pit“) at ART CAPITAL 2017 at the Grand Palais in Paris with the Société des Artistes Français, section Bavarian surrealists. The painting was nicely placed next to the great work “Crocopolis” by Peter Hutter. Thanx so much to all involved parties, especially to Prof. h.c. Eduard Kastner!

Description of the work: We live in times of fear and confusion, media-overflow and super-information-overflow. Too many news, rumors and facts are floating through light-wave cables into the psyche; in realtime. Overstrained inhabitants get influenced by carnival barkers trying to persuade not only simple people to believe in their claimed aims. Times are getting more and more crazy and difficult. There is no left and no right no more. And no middle. A rapidly changing world is more complex, but the majority of the people seek for the simple truths. Populists are waiting on every corner to infiltrate the minds of indecisive human beings. Conspiracy-theories are growing faster than ever. Simple explanations for everything are en vogue. Each worm on the picture is one of them barkers and a hundred of those worms make a snake pit.
[Acryl and collage on canvas; 100 x 80 cm]

>> Artistes-francais.com
>> artcapital.fr
>> grandpalais.fr/fr/evenement/art-capital-2017